Open from spring to early winter

Price: 1h – 24€ / 1.5h – 32€ / 2h – 40€

Rackets 4€/racket


It is so much fun!

This very worldwide famous, relatively new sport, padel, found its way to Enonkoski in the summer of 2021. You can book a court through Playtomic app, where you can search “KORPI Padel”. You can also make a reservation by calling +35829309396 or by email There are balls and rackets available for rent.

The court is located right next to old Korpi Bistro, the address is Kalastajantie 1, Enonkoski. 

Book a court through Playtomic.

Brewery tours in Karvilan Panimo

We offer guided tours to the real Korpi brewery, Karvilan Panimo

Welcome to visit a real Korpi brewery, located in the middle of nowhere in Karvila, Enonkoski. We create beer from the best malts and hops using water from our own well. During the tour, you will get to learn where it all started, what is a micro brewery like, and how beer is made. In beer tasting, we get to learn where those flavors come from and how they are made. 

We offer a great variety of different packages including transportation, lunch, and Enonkoski tour! We highly recommend for you to try the beer menu in KORPI Bistro! 

Kierrokset olutmaistelun kanssa alkaen 25€/hlö. Kysy ryhmille tarjousta!

Ask for an offer by calling +358293093990 or email

Learn more about Karvilan Panimo here.

Enjoy the nature


Olavinlampi trail

The beautiful and relaxing Olavinlampi trail is 7,9 km long and goes around the lake. The trail is marked with blue in the map.

Use the map to get a better idea of the trail. 

Olavinlampi map (pdf)

Kolovesi National Park trail – only open in the summer!

Ancient rock paintings give insights into how Finland’s early settlers lived in harmony with nature thousands of years ago. With luck you might encounter a curious Saimaa ringed seal.

Only in the summer time! Spending time in the islands of Kolovesi is prohibited in the winter.

Motor boats are not allowed in Kolovesi so serenity is guaranteed.

Learn more about Kolovesi National Park.


Nahkiassalo trail- open all year around! 

Nahkiaissalo trail is located in the Kolovesi National Park and is approximately 3,5 km long. It is open all year around.

There are some more challenging parts but the views pay off all the work!

After hiking, you can enjoy the services of Enonkoski by for example coming to Maitolaituri Cafe & Shop for an afternoon coffee or to KORPI Bistro to enjoy À la carte menu and local beer. End your day in KORPI Guesthouse and get a good night sleep. 

Ulpukkareitti – kayaking from summer to fall

Ulpukkareitti is a total of 37 km long kayaking pass between Enonkoski and Savonlinna. Enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful lake views and relax in peace. If you are not ready to go all the way, it is possible to make pit stops in the way. It is good to know that the water levers lowers 7,7 metres on the way but those small rapids are easy and refreshing. In the town of Enonkoski there is a short walk with the kayak (appr. 200 metres).

In the map, you will find the piers and pit stop areas.

Ulpukkareitti (pdf)

The sport services of Enonkoski and local entrepreneurs

You are also welcome to use the sport services offered by the town of Enonkoski such as gym and frisbee golf course. There are also plenty of services offered by the locals including beauty and wellness (massage, facials, manicures and pedicures, hair, foot therapy, aroma therapy…), paddle boards, canoeing and Saimaa ringed seal safaris.

Ask for more info +35829 309 3990 or email

Learn more about the services offered by the town of Enonkoski here.