Beer Shops by Karvilan Panimo
Fresh beer on the go

You can find beer shops from KORPI Restaurant in Kerigolf golf club and Maitolaituri Kahvila & Puoti in Enonkoski. Beers are deliverd straight from the brewery –  as fresh as they can be.

Naturally You can also enjoy the beers in the restauraunts. You can also find stronger special edition beers in the selection of restaurants beer menu.


 Karvilan Panimo (Karvila Brewery)

Craft Brewery from the middle of Savonian nowhere also called as “Korpi”. We are specialized brewing craft lagers and ales under the brand of Korven Kutsu (call of the wilderness). We use our own water source in all our beers. We believe that Finnish nature is the best inspiration and location to make amazing beers possible.

Call of the wilderness – can you hear it?

Korven Kutsu Classic Lager

Classical pale lager with softness from quality malts and nice hoppy bite from noble hops. Unfiltered natural beer. (Alc. 5,0% Vol.)
Food pairing: fish, grilled meat, pizzas and burgers.

Korven Kutsu Helles Lager

Soft and malty golden coloured pale lager. Unfiltered natural beer. (Alc. 5,2% Vol.)
Food pairing: pork, grilled meat, fish.

Korven Kutsu Pale Ale

Malty, fruity and citrussy pale ale offering nice fresh hoppy bite. Unfiltered natural beer. ALC. 5,3% VOL.) food pairing: spicy food, thai-food, barbeque, burgers.

Korven Kutsu Dark Lager

Roasty and dark yet refreshing lager. Taste has notes of coffee and dark chocolate.The dark color and the taste of the beer comes from the dark roasted malts. (Alc. 5,0% vol.)
Food pairing: Try to pair our dark lager for example with smoked fish and other smoked treats.

Korven Kutsu Sour Ale

Korven Kutsu Sour Ale offers nice juicy sourness. Local berries are used to spice this beer. Berries: Black currant, raspberry and blueberry (Alc. 5,0% vol.)
Food pairing: Chicken and chevre salad.

Korven Kutsu Wild Spruce Lager

Unfiltered pale lager. Hopped with noble hops and spiced with Finnish spruce tips. (alc. 5,0% vol.)
Food Pairing: Grilled food, barbeque.


Korven Savu Smoked Lager

Unfiltered pale lager brewed with smoked malt. Hopped with noble hops and spiced with Finnish spruce tips. (alc. 5,0% vol.)
Food Pairing: Smoked salmon, stews, BBQ.

Korven Kutsu Imperial Red Lager

Strong bready amber colored lager. A beer that offers sweet malty body and nice hoppy bite from noble hops. (alc. 7,2% vol.)
Food Pairing: Grilled food, barbeque, stews.


Beer from the Finnish wildereness

Water from our own well, best malt varieties, noble hops and yeast strains ensure that the quality of our beer is highest possible. Have a cold natural beer from Finnish wildernesses.