The story of KORPI

What, where, when?  

Sometimes dreams need some extra boost and excitement to become real. The excitement rises when talking with another dreamer. That is how Maitolaituri Kahvila & Puoti started. In the spring of 2018, the dream and idea of a company became real in the end of April, when Enonkosken Laiturila Oy was officially registered.

“We want to be part of expanding and developing the service sector in Enonkoski. You can come to Maitolaituri to enjoy your morning coffee, get a cone of ice cream, or wander around in the shop to buy local products”  

The founders of Maitolaituri Kati Laukkanen and Sanna Ratia

All those ideas did not end there since in the summer of 2020, Maitolaituri got a new family member, approximately 300 metres from its location – KORPI Bistro & Guesthouse. Only a year later, after KORPI Enonkoski, thoughts about acquiring locations outside Enonkoski became real. KORPI Savonlinna, located next to Savonlinna market square joined the family. In the fall of 2021 very well-known fine dining restaurant Linnakrouvi, located right next to Olavinlinna castle joined Korpi. The latest addition to the family is located right on the legenday Kerigolf golf course. KORPI Restaurant Kerigolf operates in the same building with the club house.

KORPI Guesthouse is a bed & breakfast type of unique place that offers a variety of accommodations for different size groups. The main building has 10 retro but warm, cozy rooms, which of three has their own bathrooms. Rest of the rooms have shared bathrooms. In the building next to KORPI Bistro, there is 22 rooms that are more modern and accessible for everyone. Both of the buildings have sauna facilities for guests to use. Read more about our room selection in reserve room page.

Restaurant KORPI Bistro offers a variety of local delicacies made with love. The dining hall has big windows and an old, charming terrace with a view of the Enonkoski rapids. The whole building also has a bar, two cabinets, gazebo, and an outdoor patio with a full day of sunshine. Down-to-earth, laid back athmosphere will make you feel at home. Click here to take a look at the menu. 

The gorgeous terrace is a perfect place to enjoy Karvilan Panimo‘s cold beer and local fish dish. In the summer time, KORPI Bistro has both á la carte and pizza. Karvilan Panimo beers are a strong part of our business and they come in fresh, straight from the brewery, which is located approximately 6 km from the restaurant. In the restaurant, there is also a beer shop, where you can shop to go. These shops can also be found in Maitolaituri Cafe & Shop, KORPI Savonlinna, Linnakrouvi and Kerigolf restaurant. They are open, whenever we are (except after 9 pm). The smiley faces and a great customer service attitude of our staff will leave you with good memories and hopefully you will find your way to us a year after year. Welcome to KORPI, a remote area with no noise and rush, sitting right in the heart of Saimaa.

History of Hovinmäki

Hovinmäki mansion

Hovinmäki, nowadays KORPI Bistro, is a mansion built by a famous business man, T. Tichanoff. Today, it serves as a restaurant and bed & breakfast. Back in the day, T. Tichanoff also owned a local glass factory in Kangassaari and a sawmill in the same area. He also started the building process of the church of Enonkoski. It was also said that he started the local school system in town as well. 

In the very beginning, a Vyborg salesman built the house for him to live in but also to use as an office for the sawmill. In 1954, the municipality of Enonkoski bought the mansion and since then it worked as a nursing home and a private owned restaurant from the 80’s all the way to 2020. 

Nowadays KORPI Enonkoski is a place in the heart of Enonkoski where everyone is welcome to come enjoy the silence and relax. It is a place where hurry and time do not exist. Here you can come enjoy good food, drinks, live music and events. If interested, there is a possibility in KORPI Bistro Enonkoski to get to know the history of the building and Enonkoski through a photo exhibition.

Welcome to Korpi! Call us +358293093990 or send an email Let’s create you the perfect Korpi experience!